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Plug and play logistics company Quickshift has started its operations by setting up a warehouse in Kolkata to smoothen last mile delivery in Eastern and Northeastern regions like West Bengal and Assam. With this, the company has set an aim of providing unique  supply chain solutions for large and small enterprises so that product deliveries happen on time.

“The buyers now want quick delivery, the right product, free delivery, easy returns, low shipping cost and proactive tracking. Our operations in Kolkata and the northeast will not only ensure that these demands are met rightfully but will also address multiple problems faced by the sellers and customers,”said Anshul Goenka, CEO and co-founder, Quickshift.

Industry reports show that third party logistics has become the key demand driver for warehouses in Kolkata, accounting for a whopping 47% of transactions in FY 2021 compared to 26% in FY 2020. Additionally, Siliguri also has emerged as a key warehousing hub recording  warehousing leasing of 0.4 million sq ft, in FY 2021 indicating a 100% YoY growth over FY 2020. Now Quickshift is aiming to leverage the vast opportunities of these regions by offering host of services like fleet management and fulfillment services,

At present, challenges like no single platform to manage marketplaces and catalog or view inventory and orders;  tracking of shipment; Cash on Delivery reconciliation, high cost and setup time; inefficient space management; lack of skilled manpower, and others have limited the growth of last mile delivery in Eastern and Northeastern India. Now, Quickshift  with a network of 4k+ vehicles, 500 vendors, and 100+ clients  is looking at addressing the challenges and utilising the vast resources present there.

“We have integrated B2B and B2C frameworks in our client dashboard which helps in monitoring inventory levels,sales trends and thus take an informed decision with respect to future purchases.E-commerce fulfillment process makes sure that as soon as an order flows into our system through one of partner channels, the item/order would be carefully and efficiently picked, packed, labelled and kept ready for dispatch,” informed Anshul Goenka, CEO and co-founder, Quickshift.

Furthermore, Quickshift will also offer an array of solutions that will include multiple pickups for the same day, reduced weight discrepancy issues, reduced fulfillment costs, lowered freight cost and investment in warehouse management, increased revenue generation and many others.

Source: https://www.constructionweekonline.in/business/19733-quickshift-starts-operations-in-kolkata