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The city is witnessing a spike in dengue cases.

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Kolkata: Amid the public uproar against the garbage menace in streets across Kolkata, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation has decided to remove waste bins from the city’s residential areas. However, to ensure the proper collection of solid waste, the KMC has also decided to extend garbage collection hours in the city.
Amid soaring dengue cases in Kolkata, littering has been a severe headache for the civic authorities as the dumping spots have become mosquito breeding sites. According to KMC officials, the decision was taken after they received several complaints that the bins installed in the residential areas had been overflowing in the afternoon despite clearing them in the morning.

“The corporation has decided to remove all waste bins from residential areas, which have turned into littering zones as a section of the citizens do not find time to hand over their domestic wastes to the waste collectors every morning. The bins will be taken to commercial zones to make the best use of them. Parallelly, we will improve our domestic garbage collection and enhance our morning collection hours,” a senior civic official told the media.

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Garbage on Kolkata roads, especially in New Town and Salt Lake streets, has been a hot topic these days. Solid waste littered on roads raised concern about a possible dengue outbreak in the city. The citizens were keeping the doors and windows of their houses closed in disgust over the rotten stench of garbage and in fear of dengue-causing mosquitoes entering their houses.

Locals allege that many locations are littered with garbage despite repeated pleas by the government and doctors to keep the neighbourhood clean to fight dengue. “Every citizen would like that the city should be clean and there should be minimum diseases. There is not only a hospital but also a residential complex nearby. There should be an aggressive cleanliness drive and no garbage on the road,” a city resident noted.

The city has logged more than 3,500 dengue cases till October-end this year.

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