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An increasing number of bikers from Kolkata are going out of their comfort zones to explore life beyond the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. And for these men and women, it has become more of a mix of adventure and endurance. “Earlier, we couldn’t even think of riding out to north Bengal or Sikkim on weekends, but now, some people are doing it regularly. I think the lockdown has unleashed the true spirit of many bikers,” said Soumyabrata Majumber, who has travelled to Ladakh from Kolkata six times on his bike.
According to the other bikers we spoke to, they prefer a peaceful ride rather than an off-road adventure. A smooth road, good food and a comfortable stay are key to their choice of destinations. Read on to learn more about their favourite destinations.
Distance from Kolkata: 672 km

Several bikers are riding out to north Bengal and Sikkim on weekends. They start from Kolkata on a Friday evening and reach Gangtok by Saturday afternoon. After spending a day there, they start from Gangtok on Sunday evening and reach Kolkata by Monday afternoon.
Raima Samui, a female rider from Kolkata who is planning a bike trip to Siberia in 2022, told us about her recent trip to Gangtok. “I wouldn’t advise this kind of a ride to everyone, but those who love to ride on highways and have done long-distance trips before can try it. I can ride for hours without resting. Not everyone can do that,” she said. Raima added that an easier way would be to take a flight to Bagdogra and rent a bike from Siliguri for the rest of the journey. “Use proper motorcycle luggage and avoid backpacks on such trips,” she added.
Distance from Kolkata: 250 km

Bikers, especially owners of cruisers, often prefer destinations in Odisha, not just because of the natural beauty but also because of the smooth highways connecting the state with Kolkata. Balasore district alone boasts of several beautiful spots. Victor Das, a businessman, recently rode out to Balasore on a weekend trip. “It was a mind-blowing experience. You will get hills, rivers and forests in the area and can spend time the way you want to. It’s a four-five-hour bike ride,” he said.
Distance from Kolkata: 272 km

This is a lesser-known destination and has recently become popular as a weekend getaway after more and more bikers started going there for a peaceful weekend trip. Gopi Krishna More, a city-based industrialist who is also an active member of a cruiser bike group, said, “The best part of Chirka lake is the way it changes with every season. If you go there during the monsoons, it has a different beauty and the place looks entirely different in winter. It’s a beautiful destination you can visit anytime of the year.”
Distance from Kolkata: 192 km

Bolepur may be the most popular destination in Birbhum district, but it has several other places one can travel to. Srijit Baidya Majumder, an IT professional, and a few of his fellow bikers recently visited a resort near Kenduli and fell in love with the place. “The best part was that the resort was self-sufficient. We didn’t have to go out for any reason. The food was awesome and so was the scenic beauty,” Srijit said.
Distance from Kolkata: 632 km

Bass guitarist Aakash Ganguly and drummer Arka Das recently visited Siliguri for a gig. Just ahead of the show, they hired a bike and rode out to the Dooars. Initially, they had planned to visit Kalimpong and Darjeeling. “But we haven’t got our second vaccine. The alternative was to go for an RT-PCR test. So, changed plans and rode out along Sevoke Road. We visited Neora Valley, Teesta Barrage, Coronation Bridge and other areas. It was great fun,” said Aakash.
He added that one should take both vaccine doses and keep the certificates handy on long trips. “Moreover, the right protective gear is very important on long bike rides,” he added.
Distance from Kolkata: 288 km

This south Bengal district has always been a favourite among bikers. Well-maintained roads, good food, lakes, forests and hills, all in one place is the main reason bikers are so fond of Purulia. Manas Nandy, a government employee, and a few of his friends went to Ayodha hills last Friday and had all the reasons to be happy. “For riders like us, the road matters more than the destination. Besides the smooth road, I love riding out Purulia because of the local culture and the beautiful landscape,” he said.

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