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It became the first one in Calcutta to shut down all its operations except for the hypermart in the basement from Friday for two days to sanitise the entire premises as a measure of “abundant precaution” in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak.

The hyparmart went through an entire night of deep cleaning. Keeping in mind the state government’s advice to ensure the availability of essential supplies, the hypermart was opened at 2pm.

The mall will also fumigate and sterilise the premises, elevators and escalators, among other utilities. The 48-hour shutdown will make the traces of virus on the merchandise non-infective.

“We are doing this for the good of society as an abundant precaution, even if it costs a few crores of rupees,” a source close to the mall operation said.


The south Calcutta address has already initiated truncated timing, opening the mall at noon and closing at 9pm. The multiplex at the mall has shut down for the time being.

“We have closed the restaurants. Seating at the food court has been readjusted to maintain the stipulated distance from one another. Except the grocery store, everything will remain closed on Sunday,” Man Mohan Bagree, the vice-president of South City mall, said.


The malls in Salt Lake and New Town are carrying out round-the-clock cleaning of the premises.

Ramesh Pandey, whole time director (marketing & events) of the Ambuja Neotia Group, the owner of the malls, said they had kept toothpicks next to the elevators, so users could press the buttons with them.

There has been no change in the mall timings. Except the hyparmart at City Centre 2 in New Town, both establishments will be closed on Sunday.


The closure of the cinema plex has allowed the mall to shorten the operation hours. The shops and restaurants have been advised to use their discretion to remain open or close. The premises are being cleaned round the clock.


The Kasba mall will operate between noon and 8pm.

On Sunday, the establishment, except the groceries, will remain closed. Mall owner Sushil Mohta said the footfall was falling rapidly. “It is an evolving situation. We are keeping close watch,” he said.


  • Dalhousie Institute has announced that the club will remain closed from March 22 till further notice. A notice issued by the club on Friday states: “This decision has been taken keeping in mind the safety of our members and staff and to prevent further spread of Covid-19. The Office will be open with skeletal staff from noon to 4pm daily to facilitate billing and urgent office work”.
  • Calcutta Club shut till March 31
  • RCGC and Saturday Club shut from Saturday till further notice
  • Most facilities at CC&FC and South Club closed