Coronavirus impact: Kolkata Metro doubles staff to sanitise coaches, stations – India Today

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The Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (KMRCL) has doubled the staff to take care of the sanitisaton of the Metro due to the novel coronavirus outbreak in India.

The staffers are cleaning every rake every time it comes to the car shed. Eight to 12 rakes are normally cleaned in around two hours at night by six to eight staffers, but now it is taking longer than earlier.

Now, it takes six hours more even when 10 staffers are at the job of cleaning the rakes.

There are 50 rakes but around 30 are is use – in both North South Metro and newly inaugurated East West Metro.

The average passenger load is six lakh commuters each day.

Regular announcements are being made in the trains regarding the novel coronavirus and the drivers of the trains are also asked to take severe precautionary measures.

The KMRC staffers have been instructed to maintain safe distance from each other and wear gloves and masks while working.