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The initiative will generate more non-fare revenue for Metro Railway.

KOLKATA: Metro Railway on Saturday struck a co-branding deal for a station on the North-South Metro corridor.
On Saturday, the Belgachia Metro was co-branded with Theism Diagnostics. It will now be called the “Theism Belgachia station”. The initiative will generate more non-fare revenue for Metro Railway.
TOI reported last week that the Kolkata lifeline is on the path of turnaround: it has broken its records in non-fare revenue and grossed 71% more than its previous year’s earnings. Metro Railway, which operates the north-south and east-west corridors, and is in charge of the city’s rapid transit network, earned Rs 19.45 crore in 2021-22, which is a whopping 71% higher than previous 2020-21.
On Saturday, the carrier offered 530 sqft space of Belgachhia station to the diagnostic company whose name is now prefixed with the station. It has also put its brand logos, colour and names at all the entry and exit gates of the station. So far, 10 Metro stations have so far been co-branded with different corporate entities.
An official said, “Metro Railway has completed branding of 10 out of its 33 stations, along the North-South and East-West corridors. It has taken a multi-pronged strategy to augment NFR through advertisements inside and outside Metro rakes, side walls of escalators, hoardings in open space etc.”
Recently, health check-up kiosks, digital clocks and digital fare charts were installed in different stations in collaboration with corporate houses and public enterprises.



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