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KOLKATA: Anxiety, confusion, chaos and harassment reigned the first day of post-pandemic reopening of Salt Lake Shiksha Niketan on Friday. It all apparently started with at least two students allegedly going missing only to be found a couple of hours later but while the search was on, none of the schoolbuses could leave, leading to anxiety among parents, many of whom landed at school, looking for their children.
“No student went missing. Due to confusion, some students, who were supposed to go home by private vehicles, boarded schoolbuses. They were found on the vehicles,” said deputy commissioner (headquarters) of Bidhannagar City Police Surya Pratap Yadav.

Authorities at the institute in Mahisbathan said two parents—one of a Class III kid and the other of a Class V student —complained their children had not come out to the gate when the school ended. A search began and the kids were found about two hours later. “The Class III kid mistakenly boarded a schoolbus and the Class V kid sat in his poolcar, while their parents waited at another gate. We searched all the floors and then schoolbuses and poolcars. Eventually, the children were found inside the vehicles, chatting with friends,” said Rekha Baishya, academic director of the school.
But while the search was on, none of the buses was allowed to leave. As a result, parents waiting for their children at drop-off points had no clue about why the kids were getting late. Some parents reportedly found bus operator’s mobile switched off and none answered the school phones.
“I kept waiting at a Dashodrone stop but my daughter did not arrive. I finally drove to school to find the buses waiting outside and the children loitering. A driver told me my child had left with another guardian. Inside school, an official said I had to deal with the bus operator. I was worried sick when I suddenly spotted her sitting on the roadside. How can the school and the bus officials be so careless?” said the father of a Class IV child.
Some parents said they did get a message from school, but by then, they had already left for school. Some parents went to the Electronic Complex police station but cops registered only a GD entry. A team of senior Bidhannagar cops and school education department officials visited the campus.
The private school bus operator said, “It was the first day in the new system, there were human glitches and we are apologetic about it. We are meeting school officials and taking steps to rule out a repetition of such an incident,” said Siddhartha Sanyal, owner of Subir Travels that has been operating the buses for five years.
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