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KOLKATA: A first-year postgraduate student of statistics at Presidency University died after falling off the 11th floor of a Kolkata Police housing society — a five-minute walk from his AE Block home — in Salt Lake on Wednesday.
Around 10am, the residents of the housing society heard a thud and discovered that the student, Partha Sarathi Paul, was lying on the road. He was rushed to a local hospital where he was declared dead on arrival. In a WhatsApp status that was updated minutes before Paul was found dead, he blamed his university for his poor grades. The status — “One and only reason of my suicide is that my college failed me and it took 4 years to graduate n with 4.5 sgpa bye bye” — was updated around 9.56am.

Partha Sarathi Paul

A senior university official said, “It is an unfortunate incident. We will look into Paul’s allegation. But it is also a fact that in the current system of education and the transparency we maintain, we don’t get many complaints about results and grading system from students.”
The student’s mother, Indira, said that he had left home around 9.30am to print a CV of his sister. Asked why he had been to the police housing complex, she replied, “I knew that he was friends with a policeman’s daughter. He had recently been to the book fair with her. I haven’t heard from her after the incident though.”
Cops said they have registered an unnatural death case and started a probe into the matter.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolkata/student-falls-off-salt-lake-bldg-dies/articleshow/90111191.cms