Kolkata: Chefs at ITC hotels hand-craft Durga idols with chocolate – Times of India

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KOLKATA: Care for a chocolate Durga? But one who has been conceived as the super power protecting us with the vaccine as her supreme weapon? Check in at ITC Royal Bengal and ITC Sonar.
ITC’s unique Durga installations are something Kolkatans look forward to every year. This year, master chefs at ITC Royal Bengal and ITC Sonar have hand-crafted with gourmet chocolate, reimagining the gods and goddesses and the fight of good over evil with respect to our fight against corona virus, paying tribute to all those who helped make the situation better with knowledge strength and resilience.
“Durga Puja is the world’s largest festival of art and culture that creatively showcases the vanquishing by Mother Goddess of the evil Mahishasura. This celebration of good triumphing over evil is brought to life through art and sculpture by thousands of artisans across the state. We wish to contribute to this festival of art in our own little way. Hence, presenting the chocolate Durga, which has become quite a draw among the clients this year,” an ITC Hotels spokesperson said.
The installation has its interpretations too. In the context of the pandemic and the current situation around the world. And finally, Durga is the supreme power who is ready to win over the corona virus — with the vaccine as her weapon. Mahishasur has been reimagined as the virus who is overcome by the deity.
Ganesha has been visualized as the scientist representing wisdom. Lakshmi symbolizes economic progress through new opportunities like home grown businesses, entrepreneurial endeavors et al. Saraswati epitomizes the forgotten hobbies that people rediscovered during the pandemic. The lion represents our brave frontline workers. And Indian defence forces are represented by Kartikeya.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolkata/kolkata-chefs-at-itc-hotels-hand-craft-durga-idols-with-chocolate/articleshow/86988972.cms