Report and forecast: Sharp spells of rain in Kolkata – Telegraph India

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Several parts of the city, including the shopping hub of Gariahat in south Kolkata, saw sharp spells of rain on Friday evening.

The rain was described as “local thunderstorms” by the Met office. High day temperature and moisture in the atmosphere contributed to the formation of scattered clouds that were behind the rain, said a Met official.


“The withdrawal of the monsoon has not started from Kolkata. The high day temperature and the fair amount of moisture still present in the atmosphere came together to form thunderclouds,” said G.K. Das, the director of IMD, Kolkata.

The rain in Kolkata was not uniform. “The clouds were concentrated over central and parts of south Kolkata,” said a Met official.

A system brewing near the Andaman Sea is on course to take the shape of a low-pressure area by Sunday, the Met office said.

The system is tipped to head towards the Odisha-Andhra coast. It is likely to have a moderate effect on Kolkata, which means high chances of a sharp spell of rain from October 13 to 15.

On Friday, the maximum temperature was 34.7 degrees and the minimum 27, both two notches above normal.

The chances of rain are minimal over the next three days, though not ruled out, he said.

The weather in Kolkata has been hot and sweaty over the past three or four days.

High heat and humidity are always a potent cocktail for clouds, said a weather scientist.