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KOLKATA: The Kolkata airport is now geared to roll out the biometric boarding system (BBS) with technicians completing installation of all equipment and testing of hardware.
The system that will allow paperless and seamless travel experience is expected to be commissioned sometime in November after the software platform is tested and receives the go-ahead from the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security.
“The BBS equipment for phase I rollout — registration and self check-in kiosks and automated gates — have been installed in the domestic terminal and their hardware has been thoroughly checked. Installation of phase II equipment is currently underway and should be over this month. We will then wait for the pilot test at Varanasi to get over so that the platform is tested here before being commissioned,” said an airport official.
Phase I has two registration kiosks, eight self checkin kiosks, two entry gates, four security and transfer gates and three self-boarding gates. Phase II will add 12 registration kiosks, 15 self check-in kiosks, three entry gates, three security and transfer gates and 13 self-boarding gates. In the domestic terminal, registration kiosks have been installed at all three gates — 1, 2 and 3. In addition, terminals have been set up at the entrance where flyers will undergo facial scan post registration. Next, there are self check-in kiosks. There are also dedicated gates at the security hold area and boarding point that will be available only for Digi-Yatra passengers. The equipment has also been installed in domestic-to-domestic transfer. In phase II, it will also be installed in international-to-domestic transfer.
“Initially, IndiGo and Air India passengers will participate in the trials. Gradually, passengers of other airlines will be taken on board,” the official said.
Officials said once the trials underway at Varanasi airport are completed, it would take 45 days for Kolkata to also roll out the facility that is expected to ease travel and reduce contact points.
“One of the challenges during the initial rollout will be masks. They will have to be taken off for the sensor to detect face contours. Hence, there has to be social distancing,” an official said. To do a check with a mask on would require an iris scan that is not part of the software. Trials were initially planned in July but delays happened due to the Covid situation.

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