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Following incessant rains in Kolkata and in the adjoining districts, roads turned into fishing pots earlier this week. Residents in Kolkata’s New Town started fishing on the waterlogged streets after fish worth crores of rupees spilled out of bheris from neighbouring villages of Rajarhat and Bhangar.

Viral videos on social media showed scores of people across New Town catching fish on the streets. A New Town resident, whose video of fishing garnered more than 150k views online, said that she and her uncle had caught fish weighing more than 16 kgs, including a 5 kg carp (katla), reported Times of India.

The same report quoted a fisherman who said that heavy spells of rain had damaged fish and prawns worth several crores. He said, “We are watching viral videos of New Town residents gleefully cheering while catching fish on the road. But who is going to pay for our loss?”

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Fishery is the primary occupation of people living in villages surrounding New Town, under Bhangar II and Chandpur divisions of Rajarhat and Bhangar blocks. Reportedly, other than prawns, the villagers also cultivate fish like rohu, carp and labeo bata.

Water from the nearby Bidyadhari river overflowed due to the rains and entered fishing bheris. This led to lakhs of fish spilling outside into rivers, canals and onto the streets of New Town.

Meanwhile, the forecast of fresh spells of rain for the next few days has left the fisherfolks worried. In a last-ditch effort to not incur any further loss, they have started barricading their bheris with nets and bamboos.

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