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Along chat over a hot cuppa is fast being replaced with quick catch-ups over cold brews. Kolkata, known as the city that loves its cha, warmed up to artisanal coffee sometime back. And taking the new-found obsession with all things coffee a notch higher, is the craze for cold brews in their myriad avatars. We find out what’s pouring at the cafe near you…
The new ‘it’ beverage
w Relatively new addition in the coffee culture
w Exciting and varied flavours
w Perfect drink for Kolkata’s hot and humid days
w Smoother on the palate than hot coffee

All for that extra kick!
What is it about cold brews that makes it the most popular cafe drink? “It has less acidity than its counterpart, iced coffee. The brew is made in a steeped process that yields a more condensed and naturally sweeter flavour overall. It is a stronger cup of coffee so you get that extra jolt of caffeine energy,” says Grant Walsh, owner of a popular chain of coffee shops in Kolkata.

Fruity, creamy, bold or black…
While there seems to be a mind-boggling varieties of cold brews doing the rounds at the cafes, it’s still the basic version that has everyone’s heart. “Plain black cold brew caters to more taste buds but flavoured ones like litchi, cranberry and pomegranate are also popular,” says Nishant Sinha, founder of a pan-India coffee house chain. He lists cold brew with cream, pomegranate cold brew and honey cinnamon as the season’s hottest, rather coolest picks.
Chilled to perfection: Before placing an order, keep a few things in mind. Make sure it’s chilled, not diluted and not topped with too much ice. A 250ml glass of cold brew is ideal for one serve.

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