Calcutta high court asks West Bengal DGP to furnish info on progress of probe in chit-fund scams – Times of India

Kolkata News

KOLKATA: The Calcutta high court on Thursday asked the newly appointed West Bengal director general of police (DGP), Manoj Malaviya, to appear before it on September 21 to furnish information on the progress of the investigation in two purported chit-fund scams.
Malaviya took over as the acting DGP of the state on September 1.
A division bench presided by acting chief justice Rajesh Bindal, expressing displeasure over the fact that the state went unrepresented in the court occassionally during the hearings in connection with the scams, directed that the DGP will appear before it personally and inform the court on the status of the investigation.
A prayer by the state lawyers later in the day for recall of the order was refused by the court.
Taking up matters related to Real Sunrise Chemtech Ltd and Sunplant Agro Ltd, the two chit-fund companies alleged to have duped depositors of their funds, the bench, during the day, found that the state was not represented by any lawyer.
The petitioners have prayed for return of their invested money in the two companies and matters have been pending since 2015-2016, lawyer for the depositors, Arindam Das, said.