Drink driving on the rise; 500 booked for night curb violation in Kolkata – Times of India

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KOLKATA: Over 18 motorists were sent to hospitals for medical check-ups after some cops, who were part of a drive to enforce night restrictions in the city from 11pm to 5am, found that they were reeking of alcohol. Around 500 people were prosecuted for violating the night restrictions during this drive.
Of them, 436 were prosecuted in the one-hour window from 11 pm to midnight while rest of the prosecutions took place after midnight. Around 796 vehicles were stopped and checked for papers from 11pm to midnight while 338 vehicles were checked till the early hours of Sunday.


Mixing drinking with driving, even during normal times, is an act of gross irresponsibility. Cops are now facing an added issue over the use of breathalysers when a transmissible disease is on the prowl. Should we be adding to the problems?

The special drive has left several traffic guards worried after they found that drink driving is on the rise at night. What has made their job more difficult is the present restriction on the use of breathalysers due to the fears of contracting Covid-19. Cops said that at least six of the 25 traffic guards had sent around three motorists each for alcohol tests to various hospitals after they got the smell of alcohol.
According to police sources, strict prosecutions have taken place for drink driving this month. In around half a dozen instances, the ACPs concerned have recommended the suspension of driving licence for a certain period.
The biggest incident at night was reported near South City Mall on Anwar Shah Road as a youth and a woman were allegedly involved in a nuisance under the influence of alcohol at midnight. “We have planned some interventions at specific points in the coming days to curb night violations, breaking of traffic rules, over speeding and drink driving. Our experiences from July and August have been used to select these points,” said an assistant commissioner of police.
“Earlier, anyone could be asked to blow through the breathalyser on the basis of a suspicion. But now it has been verbally communicated across the traffic guards that only those with visible signs of intoxication should be subjected to the test to reduce the number of people using the machine,” said an officer.

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