Biker harasses woman on Kolkata’s New Town road – Times of India

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KOLKATA: An 18-year-old woman, who was returning home on an electric scooter with her 13-year-old brother on Monday night, was allegedly stalked, chased and teased by a biker on a New Town service road less than 200 metres from her complex gate.
The woman tried to speed away but was allegedly stopped by the man who parked his bike ahead of her scooter. As the woman applied the brake, her scooter skidded and she fell down and screamed for help. Four employees from a nearby petrol pump rushed to their rescue when the biker fled away. The traumatised woman sustained injuries and was stuck under the scooter while her brother was left with bleeding on his legs.

“We have been living here for 12 years but have never had such an experience. The incident has left my daughter traumatised and she is yet to recover from the shock. We suddenly feel helpless in our own neighbourhood,” said the woman’s mother who runs a café near New Town School.
The incident happened on the service road between New Town police station and Greenfield Heights Complex — where the woman lived — around 10.15pm on Monday. The woman was returning home from their café.
“I was riding at a moderate speed while chatting with my brother riding pillion. I realised that someone was trailing me on a bike. Within moments the man was next to us, teasing me and calling me by names. He asked me in Bengali if I wished to smoke ganja with him. As I tried to speed away, he threatened me, saying that I would not be able to escape as he was on a bike and he would catch me,” the traumatised 18-year-old told TOI.
The woman had initially ignored the accused and tried to move as fast as she could. But the man allegedly started driving very close to her and even made advances to touch her from the side. There were not many people on the road, which does not have proper illumination, during that time, she said. Helped by the men at the petrol pump, the teenagers reached home.
The victim’s parents lodged a complaint with New Town police station. “Cops checked the CCTV footage and spotted the man but they could not identify him,” said the woman. A senior officer of Bidhannagar Commissionerate said that they had received a complaint and started a probe to trace the accused.