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Kolkata: Two decomposed bodies found in a flat in Baranagar.&  | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspIANS

Kolkata: A lady was found to co-habit with her doctor parents’ bodies in the city. The two decomposed bodies were found in a flat in Baranagar’s T.N. Chatterjee Street yesterday. 

The bodies were sent for post-mortem yesterday by the police. They added that the couple may have died two days ago. Their daughter had been staying with them for the last few years. Why she did not inform the neighbours or the police is the biggest question that has popped up among the former.

The neighbours found a bad smell emitting from the flat. The couple, A.K. Choudhury and S. Choudhury, were found lying dead on their bed. The police were informed by a relative yesterday. It was a repeat of the Robinson Street horror house incident, according to the neighbours. 

In that case, a 46-year-old man spent months with the decomposed bodies of his sister and two pet dogs. In another incident two years ago, a man had kept the body of his mother in a fridge to use her fingerprint to withdraw the pension that she received. 


The incident came to light after the mutilated body of the woman was found by the police. The body was stored in the fridge since 2015. The man had told the neighbours that he had kept his mother’s body in Peace Haven. He was found to be mentally disabled.

The lady, in this case, is in a similar mental condition, according to the neighbours.

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