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KOLKATA: Indiatourism, Kolkata on Saturday replenished fresh blood in tourism, which was badly hit by the pandemic, by shifting its focus to rural tourism by unlocking ‘incredible India weekend getaways’ to offer tourists an unique and enriching weekend experience in rural Bengal.
“Incredible India Weekend Getaways” offer an opportunity to tourists to travel and witness the incredible Baul cult, the inimitable Chhau, the mellifluous Jhumur, the powerful yet captivating folk theatre, the mesmerizing “Raibenshe” dance form, the unique arts of Dokra, Patachitra, Shola craft and many other experiences of our culture, all wrapped up in a carefully curated weekend experience.
The “getaways” is a perfect platform to carry forward the ‘Dekho Apna Desh’ Campaign of the Ministry of Tourism. In sync with the pledge of Dekho Apna Desh-to visit 15 destinations by 2022, “Getaways” gives an opportunity for citizens to explore 19 rural destinations within Bengal.
Rupinder Brar, additional director general (tourism) and spokesperson for Incredible India on Saturday visited Dakshinapan, the handicraft and intangible cultural hub in south Kolkata, to experience and oversee the Dekho Apna Desh campaign.
Weekend travel and work from vacation is one of the key ideas behind the “Getaways” where a short weekend trip can transcend into an unforgettable experience where travellers would experience heritage and unalloyed nature. Tourists can have first hand experience on ‘toy stories’ at the villages of Natungram, Bikna, Panchmura or Charida, try their hands at handicrafts with the artisans of rural Bengal at Pingla, Sabang etc. and witness a plethora of folk performances at Joydev Kenduli, Purulia, Sunderbans, Dooars and the Himalayas. The basket to choose from is extremely rich and varied, said Sayak Nandi, tourism information officer, indiatourism, Kolkata.
“Incredible India Weekend Getaways” is also a unique opportunity for the travelers to explore the hitherto less travelled-to destinations such as Pingla, Jalangi, Charkol, Charida, Balarampur, Tepantar, Natungram, 12th Mile Village, Kafer Village and Bunkulung which are hidden gems of West Bengal. The IIWG event will certainly benefit the local artisans, villagers and tourism stakeholders and emerge as future tourist hotspots.