Three-month-old dies of dengue in Kolkata – Times of India

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KOLKATA: A three-month-old child succumbed to dengue in Howrah’s Bankra on Monday. Shiekh Raihan Islam, the deceased, was admitted to Institute of Child Health (ICH) on November 1.
Brought in serious condition, the child was being treated at the paediatric ICU. The boy on died on Monday morning due to disseminated intravascular coagulation, acute liver failure and severe dengue.
“Though the number of dengue is less this year, some cases are still getting reported. Another child, who was also in treatment at PICU, recovered and has been shifted to the ward. We have observed that dengue poses more risks or complications to paediatric patients than Covid-19 infection,” said Partha Pratim Halder, PICU in charge at ICH.
Doctors said though children are prone to dengue, it is not very common for a three-month-old to get infected. Last week, a KMC engineer also succumbed to dengue in a private hospital in Kolkata. There have also been a few cases of dengue and Covid-19 co-infection, including one death at MR Bangur Hospital, doctors said.