Students’ ‘wish list’ basis of Calcutta university colleges’ merit chart – Times of India

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KOLKATA: Colleges grappling with the issue of vacant seats in the undergraduate courses even afster several rounds of admission and reopening portals for fresh applications have decided to adopt a new strategy to fill up the vacancies before the October 30 deadline set by higher education department.
Many colleges will henceforth invite only those candidates for admission who have expressed their willingness in getting admitted in a certain subject in a college.
When seats remained vacant even after publishing several merit lists, many colleges invited candidates to register for a “wish list” expressing their desire to study in the college. The only condition for registering for the “wish list” was that the candidate’s name must feature on original merit list of that college and he or she must not have secured admission anywhere.
Maulana Azad College has already decided to shift from merit list to “wish list” to “expedite the admission process”. “We have already published 13 merit lists, but there are still seats vacant in many subjects. So we have decided that henceforth admission list will be published from names drawn from wish list only,” said Subhasis Dutta, principal of the college.
Principals of various colleges pointed out to TOI that how markings by different boards in plus-two school leaving examinations resulted in high grades for many students. These high scorers applied in subjects they were not genuinely interested in studying but took advantage of the waiver of application fees by the government. Now when colleges are publishing call-up lists inviting them to take admission, they are not responding causing delay in filling up the seats. On Tuesday TOI highlighted how seats in Presidency University and top Calcutta University colleges were vacant due to this mismatch.
Scottish Church College, too, will be publishing a list of only those candidates who have registered in “wish list”. “Candidates are invited to take admission depending on their position on the full merit list. But despite several call-ups many candidates did not take admission. Many genuine candidates who actually want to take admission are waiting for their turn or taking admission in other colleges to be on the safe side. So, we have decided that henceforth the call lists will be prepared from the new merit list on the basis of candidates registered under the wish list,” said an official of the college. The list will be uploaded on the college’s website at 2 pm on Wednesday.
Lady Brabourne College will also publish a merit list on the basis of candidates registered under the “wish list” at 4 pm on Wednesday. “A lot of students have shown interest in taking admission in subjects where seats are vacant,” said an official.