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KOLKATA: The post-Covid lockdown period has been tough for the elderly, especially those living alone. A section of former South Point School students – under the banner of Pointers Who Care (PWC) – has been reaching out to former teachers of the school, many of whom are now old and infirm, to assist them.
A core team of volunteers (Arunima, Anupam, Soumya, Sharmila, Abhik, Nivedita, Joyjit, Siddhartha, Arpita, Pradip, Suchismita, Rajib, Subhamoy) from PWC prepared and shared a list of more than 200 teachers and got in touch with them over phone and social media. Their needs were collated, analyzed and prioritized. Many needed medicines, including life-saving drugs. The team was split to collect the medicines and deliver these to the individual teachers. They remained alert about taking necessary care to minimize chances of any contamination. A retail shop, run by an ex-student of South Point, provided support and helped to procure the drugs.
PWC, an independent, registered, non-profit organization, with a group of like minded and dedicated ex-students of South Point School and South Point High School, is engaged in providing care to retired teachers of South Point for more than a decade now. Among those received help are Sheila Gupta, a senior retired teacher of English who needed help to withdraw money from bank. Dipali Sinha Roy, aged 90 years, needed a surgery for a hip bone fracture.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolkata/kolkata-school-alumni-reach-out-to-retired-teachers/articleshow/77687422.cms