Kolkata: Woman found living with dad’s corpse; she did same with bodies of her mother, brother too in pas – Times of India

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KOLKATA: For the third time in two years, residents of Behala’s Sarsuna on Wednesday woke up to the stench of a decomposing body emanating from a flat on Rakhal Mukherjee Road. Nilanjana Chatterjee (51) was found living with the corpse of her father Rabindranath (86), just as she had done when her brother died in Febrary last year and, five months later, her mother. She had neither tried to inform anyone nor cremate the body.
Nilanjana, along with her father and mother Chhaya (82), had spent two days with the corpse of her brother Debasish. When Chhaya died, she and her father lived with the body for two days yet again.
On Wednesday, locals, who guessed what must have happened after they got the stench, informed Sarsuna police. The cops then sent the body for autopsy. “It seems Rabindranath had been bed-ridden for the past one and a half years and the family survived on ration collected from locals. We are seeking help from NGOs and locals to ensure Nilanjana’s survival,” said a senior officer.
The house was in a shambles. “The family suffered from mental illness. This was apparent by the state of the house,” he said.“We shall wait for the post-mortem report to peg the time of death,” said DC (Behala) Nilanjan Biswas.
Nilanjana said that their relatives had refused to help, just as she had told the cops on the previous occasions. But neighbours said that she had kept all the doors and windows shut on their second-floor flat to keep the stench of the decomposing body from getting out and had even stopped eating.

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