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Two making splash on the social media platform

Anasuya Basu

Published 19.08.20, 11:14 PM

A look at two top Insta influencers from Calcutta who are defining style. 

Aisha Mahdi @styleetvogue is listed among the top few Calcutta fashion influencers. Nosepin in place, she goes for the sultry look with a velvety wine dress, her curls flowing, lounging on a sofa, twirling a wine glass. Mahdi is a Delhi girl who chose to live in Calcutta and work. While studying she started blogging on styling, fashion, travel and got a couple of photographers to do photoshoots with her. “I had a friend who ‘influenced me into influencing’,” says Mahdi, who is thinking of launching a YouTube channel. With Insta it’s a 30-second shoot, with YouTube it has to be 2- to 3-minute videos. “If you can create good content, a good storyline, you get going,” says Mahdi, who has recently posted for Hidesign.



Madhurima @madhurima120 does a shimmery number for Brand Republic. With crystal balls in the foreground and her cleavage and knee bare, she “slays” it, she says, but remains the quintessential Bengali girl, with locks framing her face. Madhurima is studying digital marketing in Pune and understands the Insta algorithm. “You have to put a good title and description and the content should also be up to the mark to get the maximum audience,” she says.