Civic body, cops urge for Kolkata c-zone list reshuffle – Times of India

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KOLKATA: Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) and Kolkata Police have proposed to the state government to add some more areas to the city containment list and drop those that have reported no fresh cases in the past six days. The containment measures, which have been extended till July 19, are likely to see rigorous implementation in zones that continue to report new Covid cases.

Sources in the KMC hinted that encouraged by positive results of lockdown in some containment zones, civic body officials felt an extension of the lockdown in select areas would be an effective tool for bringing down the number of positive cases. According to police officers, only a few or no new cases were reported since the fresh containment measures were implemented in several zones over the last one week.
In certain pockets of Telengabagan or Belvedere, no fresh cases have come up. In certain other areas like Bhowanipore, there have been significant development as a couple of containment zones are set to get rid of their containment tag. At Behala Sakherbazar, three clusters within the containment zones have shown two separate results — the last patient was cured three days ago and no fresh case has been reported in one but cases continue to get reported in another part of East Behala.
A senior government official, in his meeting with KMC and police on Wednesday, has urged cops to step up their presence in the containment zones. He has also asked KMC not to sit on wardlevel information. “Correct information has to reach the KMC headquarters and be processed in real time to decide on an effective Covid combat plan,” said a senior KMC official.
Lalbazar, on its part, followed on cue. At a Bhowanipore pocket, where there were strong rumours of the containment being lifted, police reached in large numbers and made necessary arrangements for announcements through public address system, asking everyone not to step out except in emergency cases.
At the Burtolla containment zone, the lane was completely fenced off and no one allowed to come out. A fixed time was given to grocers to assemble near the barricades and cops ensured that grocery reached the affected families. The presence of cops was especially strengthened at the mixed zones where people’s movement was regulated. In a message to cops down the line, the top brass asked everyone to ensure that social distancing norms are followed “without any exception”, especially in and around the containment zones.
But the threat of new containment zones in the city is still not over. At Oxytown in Behala, a public-sector bank branch was shut down after reports that three managers had reported Covid positive. The adjoining shops and mini market at Ketopole was shut down. At Bijoygarh, there were protests after a doctor from the Bijoygarh state general hospital tested Covid positive. At Tollygunge, a few government employees were quarantined after they showed some early symptoms. The Behala-Tollygunge-Jadavpur zone has witnessed a spurt of cases in recent days.