Kolkata Bank Got Spelling of ‘Mask’ Wrong, So it Now Wants Everyone to Read Marx Before Entering – News18

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Karl Marx wants you to seize the means of production, and the World Health Organization wants you to seize the opportunity to control the global pandemic – They are not the same.

The WHO has strongly recommended use of face-masks to protect both yourself and others from catching the disease. Most states in India, too, have made the wear of masks compulsory in public places.

However, there are still people flouting this rule. In essential services which have public exposed places, this becomes a huge risk, as someone without a mask coughing, sneezing or even breathing can lead to transfer of the virus over significant distances.

In a bank in Kolkata, however, an advisory which asks people to wear a mask, has a tiny misspelling – changing the entire meaning of the advisory.

The sign, which reads “Marx na porey bank-e probesh korben na,” literally translates to ‘Don’t enter the bank unless you have read (Karl) Marx.’

The word, ‘Masks’ and ‘Marx’ have been replaced by a tiny ‘r’ in the word. In Bengali, the word ‘porey‘ means both ‘read’ as well as ‘wear,’ further causing the confusion.

The sign has an address of the Bank of India branch in Michael Nagar, in Madhyamgram area of Kolkata.

A photo of the sign was shared on Twitter.

People couldn’t help but wonder if it was a deliberate misspelling or a freudian slip.

While we’re unsure whether Karl Marx would be 100% behind supporting the centralized banks of today, we do know for sure that he would advocate wearing a mask, in times of pandemic.

Source: https://www.news18.com/news/buzz/kolkata-bank-got-spelling-of-mask-wrong-so-it-now-wants-everyone-to-read-marx-before-entering-2710957.html