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KOLKATA: Thirteen city schools run by the Church of North India (Kolkata Diocese) on Thursday announced 25 per cent waiver under three heads of school fees.

Announcing the waiver, Bishop Paritosh Canning of the diocese of the Church of North India(CNI), urged guardians on Thursday not to resort to demonstrations before schools which is not conducive to right atmosphere and instead approach the principal of the respective institute individually if he/she has a problem.

“Did you ever air your grievances? Did you reach out to the concerned principal? If some guardians had a problem they should directly come to us,” Canning told reporters.

The Bishop said schools run by the CNI in city have decided to effect 25 per cent waiver of fees under computer, sports and library heads immediately.

The decision was taken following a meeting of principals of 13 schools, including La Martiniere for Boys, La Martiniere for Girls, St Thomas Khidderpore, St John’s Diocesan, Pratt Memorial, St James among others.

The waiver will be effective for fees from April to September and those who have already paid the first quarter will get refund after adjusting the amount.

The parents yet to pay the original first quarter amount can now pay the reduced amount in instalments, the Bishop said.

There will be no reduction of tuition fees in La Martiniere schools, Secretary Supriyo Dhar said to a question.

The principal of another school, present at the meeting, said “no further reduction is possible under any heads including tuition.

We are regularly conducting online classes and are very strict in ensuring attendance of students.

” In a letter sent to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in mid-June, Canning had said he if CNI-run schools are forced to reduce their fees further, it may lead to non- disbursement of salary and ultimately result in the closure of the institutes.

” Meanwhile, guardians protested outside three private schools in Khidderpore, Ballygunje, Dumdum areas in the city and in Durgapur in West Burdwan district on Thursday, as part of ongoing protests across the state in past two weeks demanding non-payment of fees other than tuition and reducing the amount of tuition fee.

Some of the schools have already reduced their fees but a section of the guardians maintain it is not enough.

Source: https://www.newindianexpress.com/cities/kolkata/2020/jul/02/kolkata-diocese-announces-slash-in-fees-for-13-schools-2164483.html