Kolkata: Senior citizens, living in societies, left with a void to fill as youngsters resume office – Times Now

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Authorities had formed several groups of youngsters to look after senior citizens.& 

Key Highlights

  • Society authorities had formed groups of volunteers to look after senior citizens’ daily needs
  • Most of these youngsters have now resumed office
  • The senior citizens are now struggling to get daily chores done

The lockdown has been an extremely tough one, especially for the senior citizens, who are said to be more vulnerable to the COVID-19. But with restrictions being lifted in several parts of the country, the senior citizens residing in several societies are having a tough time.

As reported by The Times of India, ever since the lockdown was announced in March, the authorities had formed groups comprising several youngsters to look after the daily needs of the senior citizens. But with the youngsters resuming their offices now, the senior citizens are struggling for daily chores.

Mainak Kanrar, secretary of Sukhobristi Residents’ Association, explained how since most of these senior citizens stay alone, the management had formed teams of youngsters to look after their daily needs.

“Several senior citizens live alone because their children are settled outside Kolkata. We had to make sure that all their needs were met and they did not have to step out at all. So, a special care team for senior citizens was formed to assist them with all the chores during the lockdown,” Kanrar told The Times of India.

On the other hand, Samir Gupta, joint convener of New Town Residents’ Welfare Forum, said that they are still providing all possible help to the senior citizens.


“Several senior citizens in New Town have prepaid electricity connections. As their children live outside Kolkata for most of the year, our volunteers would show them how to conduct digital transactions safely. Even today, we are providing all possible help to the elderly and those with underlying conditions,” he said.

These youngsters and volunteers would help the senior citizens in various ways – from helping them do digital transactions to bringing medicines for them. The elderly had also developed a close bond with many of the youngsters. Even the ones who have resumed office expressed their concerns about the lack of discipline among the public in terms of following the guidelines related to novel coronavirus.

Source: https://www.timesnownews.com/kolkata/article/kolkata-senior-citizens-living-in-societies-left-with-a-void-to-fill-as-youngsters-resume-office/610245