Calcutta Football League clubs happy with IFA’s online players’ registration plan – Times of India

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KOLKATA: The clubs of various divisions of the Calcutta Football League (CFL) are quite happy with the fact that the Indian Football Association (IFA) is planning to go online with the players’ registration system.
Along with the online registration in the Central Registration System, the players also need to get enrolled with the IFA for which they had to come down to either Calcutta Referees’ Association tent or IFA office in person.
The IFA had been mulling about the online option for quite some time and, now that maintaining social distancing is quite paramount owing to Covid-19 pandemic, they are trying to get it in place quickly.
For that, the proposal needs to be passed in the governing body. Moreover, even if it gets passed, it will be in place for first to fifth division clubs this season with Premier Division A and B teams set to be included in near future.
Apart from maintaining social distancing, the online process will also save the clubs time and money.
“At my club, we used to first do the CRS and then IFA registration. I am myself also involved in the process of developing the online system and we are trying to have a format by which we will have the players’ data and information online. It will be a big advantage for the clubs,” says fourth-division club Kalighat Friends’ senior official Panchanan Dutta, who is also assistant secretary of the IFA.
Sufal Giri, assistant secretary of Town Club — who play in second division, is also of the same opinion. “It will be a great thing if it happens, especially at this time. So many players come in close proximity during the registration process,” said Giri.
Rakhi Sangha operate in the fifth division and their senior official Swapan Basu spoke of the practical advantages that online registration process can offer.
“The thought process was there from before. It will not only save the players the hassle of going in person but also help the clubs in cutting down on the expenses of transportation the players for the registration process,” said Basu.
Meanwhile, the IFA has decided to assist the affiliated 21 districts with Rs 10,000 each. IFA secretary Joydeep Mukherjee informed that the entire amount has been transferred to West Bengal District Sports Federation and it will be transferred to the respective districts from there.