Street art to spread Covid-19 awareness in Calcutta – Telegraph India

Kolkata News

A family of around 14 members, all of who practise art, has made illustrations on the main thoroughfare in Patuli to create awareness about Covid-19. Gurupada Bachar, in his late 50s, and his family members — some of who are former students of the Government Art College — have been spending sleepless nights to create these illustrations. “The family has been involved in making most of the sculptures that have been used for beautification in Patuli. So, we requested them to execute this project,” said the officer-in-charge of Patuli police station, Soumo Thakur.

Six such illustrations have been made — at the Ganguly Bagan crossing, Baghajatin crossing, in front of KK Das College and Welland Goldsmith School, at the Patuli police station crossing and at the Patuli-Bypass crossing. They are the outcome of a collaboration between Calcutta police and the Calcutta Municipal Corporation. Three more locations, which usually remain busy and are prone to violation of the lockdown, have been selected for illustrations, local councillor Bappaditya Dasgupta said.