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The internet is enthralled with the melodious voice of a cab driver from Kolkata after a video of his classical song made its way to social media. The nearly three-minute clip was posted on Facebook by Brinda Dasgupta after her brief encounter with the cab driver as she described in the caption of her post.

A couple of months ago, Brinda booked an Uber cab from her residence to the Altamira Art Gallery and found herself humming a song on the way. Intrigued, Aryan Soni, the cab driver, asked her whether she is interested in music. Yes, Brinda said, and Aryan in turn, explained his passion for music to her by singing a Hindustani classical bandish.

Brinda, instantly, recorded Aryan’s impromptu performance and shared the video two days ago on Facebook. It shouldn’t be surprising that Aryan’s song has gone crazy viral with over 73,000 views so far.

“A few months ago, I took an Uber from home to Altamira Art Gallery for some work. As I arbitrarily hummed bits of some song I do not remember now, Aryan Soni, this man who happens to be the cab driver asked me if I take interest in music. I smiled and nodded, then asked him if he does as well… This is what came out of the few sentences exchanged. Here’s hoping you lend your ears,” Brinda said in the caption of her post.

Watch the video here:

Apart from garnering thousands of likes, Brinda’s post has been frequently shared across Facebook as well. In the comments section, netizens applauded Aryan Soni for his voice and also thanked Brinda for sharing the video.

“A rare talent. Hope he shines on the world stage and we get to hear him more. Wish him all the luck and blessings,” a comment read. Another user added, “Mind blowing!! What a prodigy. Very few are blessed with such gift of God. You are indeed fortunate to have met him. Thanks so much for sharing this talent with the world.”


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